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November 30, 2008

Wal-Mart shoppers trampled NY worker

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See, for instance,


Where the buck stomps

Most probably, we will never know who trampled Jdimytai Damour to death.

And we will never know who trampled other, more fortunate people.

And we will never know who pressed ahead, not allowing any help to reach Damour.

But we know why.

They crushed and trampled and pressed and stomped not because they were hungry, and there was a limited supply of bread.

They pushed and shoved not because they tried to get a remedy against a devastating disease.

The went over the bodies of others not because killers were chasing them.

No, no. They wanted to save.

They wanted to save money.

They wanted to save money buying large-screen TVs, digital cameras and other things, which they saw as no less vital than bread, medicine and their survival in general.

What kind of horrible virus converted them from humans to consumer beasts?

We all know the answer: it oozes from our TV screens, which are getting larger and larger.


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