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February 5, 2008

Fixing LG vx5300 freezing problem

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LG vx5300 would have been a fine phone, had it not had a fatal flaw: it freezes at random moments. Just search the Web for examples

Verizon, in its limitless kindness and glory, refuses to acknowledge the problem, and lies through the teeth of its customer reps, saying that they don’t know about the problem at all.

Anyway, this is what I found:

The culprit was
Setting & Tools->Display settings->Backlight->keypad setting:
leave it a factory default (5 sec).
Increasing it causes freezing.

I found it by first resetting all settings to default (per advice I found here ), and then restoring the setting to “my” settings one by one.

( Resetting: Setting & Tools->Phone settings->Security->Reset Default
“Security” will ask for “lock code”. Unless you changed it before, it’s the last 4 digit of your phone number.)

And for those who use the phone as an alarm clock – if this solution does not work for you – be aware that the phone does not freeze in the “standalone” mode (Setting and Tools->Phone Settings)


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